Weyland - De Jong Foundation


The Weyland de Jong Foundation was set up in 2009 by lawyer Tom Weyland and visual artist Jacqueline de Jong. The foundation’s aim is to stimulate and support artists and art-related research for and by older avant-garde artists.

This could, for example, mean supporting publications projects and helping to make new works possible. In their professional lives, Tom Weyland and Jacqueline de Jong have always strived for artistic freedom and supported experimentation and the bringing together of different disciplines and cultures. These ideas underpin the policy of Weyland de Jong Foundation.



Upcoming exhibition at: www.blumandpoe.com/Julian Schnabel

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On view in Rotterdam the incredible collection of: The Museum of Everything  www.musevery.com Kunsthal Rotterdam THE MUSEUM OF EVERYTHING

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Invitation for the opening :  The Body by Body exhibition at CheatteauShatto  March 20 in Los Angelos http://chateaushatto.com/exhibition/intimate-wine-reception-curated-by-melissa-sachs-and-cameron-soren/

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